Announcement of the 36th Eisaku Sato Essay Contest


Submissions are now accepted for the 36th Eisaku Sato Essay Contest.
This international contest is open to anyone with interest in both the United Nations University and the designated contest topic. There are no restrictions as to age, nationality or profession.

Announcement of 36th Eisaku Sato Essay Contest(Japanese)

The theme of the 2021 contest is:

“As we address the discord we find ourselves in, due to the rampant COVID-19 attacks on the world, and our return to normal life proves to be difficult; we must, while we can, consider what should be done to ensure a better future post COVID-19.”

To enter the 2021 Eisaku Sato Essay Contest, please prepare a cover sheet listing your name, affiliation (your profession, university or whatever you do), age, gender, nationality, how you learned about this contest, mailing address, telephone/fax number and e-mail address.

Essay may be written in either English or Japanese.
It should be typed on A4-size paper with abstract.
The essay must be within 20 pages and the abstract in 2 pages.
In Japanese, the maximum page for essay is 30 pages and 3 pages for abstract.

Submission must be original and unpublished, must include reference notes and a bibliography if other author’s works are cited. The reference notes are not counted among the 30-page restriction.

Submission is via e-mail attachment file only.

  • We solely accept essays by e-mail attachment; the address is essay@satoeisaku.com
  • Please send your essay by e-mail attachment in ONE file, do not separate your cover sheet mentioned above, and use your full name as the document file title.
  • Due date
    August 31, 2021 0:00 am (at midnight on 31, Japan time)
  • Any essay that does not follow the criteria specified above will be disqualified.
    The grand prize (¥500,000), second prize (¥200,000) and honorable prize (¥50,000) will be awarded.
  • The award ceremony will be held at the United Nations University, Tokyo in late December to honor the awardees.

For further information, please contact the Foundation:
e-mail office@satoeisaku.com