The 32nd Eisaku Sato Essay Contest Award Winners

The Eisaku Sato Essay Contest is an international competition that was established in memory of the late Eisaku Sato, former Prime Minister of Japan, with the monetary award that he received with his 1974 Nobel Peace Prize. The contest was inaugurated in 1980, and has been held annually since 1990.

Announcement of the 32nd Eisaku Sato Essay Contest Award Winners

We would like to announce the winners of the 32nd Eisaku Sato Essay Contest. The theme was ” Considering the multiple and pressing challenges the United Nations faces today, what is the proper role of the Secretary-General as top international public servant? Discuss the required qualities and discipline of a Secretary-General in view of the practices and achievements of the successive Secretary-Generals.” and 487 essays (20 in Japanese, 467 in English) were applied. The judgement committee was held on December. The award of Brilliance ¥ 200,000 with testimonial.

32nd Eisaku Sato Essay Award Winners
Award of Brilliance
Takafumi Yanagisawa
(31・Graduate School of Tokyo University)
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Award of Brilliance
Martin George Holmes
(22・University of Otago)
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Award of Brilliance
Chia Hui Qi Samantha
(24・Delft University of Technology – Master in Architecture)
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